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Faucet Types and How to Repair Them: Ball and Disc

By Murray Anderson

Faucet Repair Basics - Compression and Cartridge Faucets

Repairing a Ball Type Faucet

In a ball faucet, moving the ball opens and closes passages inside the ball that control water flow. Since there are a lot of parts inside a ball faucet, they are more prone to leaking than other faucet designs. Ball faucet... read more >>

Fixing a Stuck Shower Faucet Diverter

A stuck shower faucet diverter is evident if you attempt to switch the water from the main faucet to the shower head and nothing occurs. Fortunately, this is an easily fixed problem and can be performed using the following options.

Option 1-Gently Tap the Handle

Whether the diverter is a push in type or one that pulls up on the bath... read more >>

Fix a Loose Kitchen Faucet Handle

A loose kitchen faucet handle can be troublesome. You may not be able to control the water flow, and they will eventually start to leak. The best thing to do if you have a loose kitchen faucet handle is to fix it sooner rather than later. You will only need a screwdriver most times, and sometimes a new pin (available at any hardware supply... read more >>

Finding the Right Replacement for Your Leaky Cartridge Faucet

If your cartridge faucet is leaking, you will probably have worn O rings which will have to be replaced. If the rings are not the problem, you will have to replace the whole cartridge. These cartridge faucets are easy to repair and can be replaced quickly and fairly cheaply. Each comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

There are a few...